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We review the Best UK online casinos offering the biggest bonuses and slots which payout the largest jackpots. We bring Las Vegas to your living room with reviews on hundreds of casino games playable on laptop, PC, tablet and mobile. Whether you’re looking for big bonus features, huge payouts or mega progressive jackpots, a world of thrilling gaming action is right at your fingertips. Interactive bonus games with huge progressive jackpots which have the potential to turn random slots players into instant multi-millionaires, with jackpots out of this world. A wide range of slot games are available for you to play for free so you can test out the games prior to playing for real money. All our slot reviews highlight the features and bonus rounds along with a recommendation of the the best UK online casino promotions to play your favourite games. Good luck and win big!

Mega Progressive Jackpot Slots

Slots or the term “slot machine” is a simplification of the phrase “coin-in-the-slot machine,” which was used to describe some of the earliest mechanical gaming devices.

In the 1870s, these took the form of mechanical “punch boards” that allowed players to win prizes, such as candy, gum, cigars or credits for free play.

Today, the “coin slots” have been replaced by electronic mechanisms for insertion of paper currency, and the “prizes” include cars, comps and cash in the millions.  It has been estimated that slot machines and their younger cousin, video poker machines, are responsible for about 70~80 percent of the gambling profits earned by casinos annually. 

The opportunity to win big with a small bankroll, along with highly entertaining formats, has made slot play the most popular form of gambling worldwide.

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How to Play Video Poker

Of all the different types of slot machines invented for gambling, Video Poker is the world’s most popular.

It offers players all of the thrills and strategy of the table game, but without the need to sit down with other players, no waiting for shuffling and dealing, and no danger of losing to bluffers or bullies.

That’s because Video Poker is played one-on-one against the machine. It has the added assurance of fixed payouts based upon the size of the bet made and type of winning combination held, not the size of the pot.

The number of Video Poker variations has grown exponentially in recent years. In addition to straight “Jacks or Better” and the wild-card favourite “Deuces Wild,” you can choose 100-Play Poker, Spin Poker, Reversible Royals, Triple Bonus Poker, and a myriad of other poker spin-offs.

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